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House Clearance
House Clerance

Our house clearance service involves removing and disposing of unwanted items from residential properties. We assess the property, sort items, remove them carefully, and transport them for disposal or recycling. Trust us to make your house clearance process smooth and hassle-free.

What is it?

After carefully removing unwanted items from your property, we responsibly dispose of them. Items suitable for recycling are sorted and sent to recycling facilities, while others are disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Our goal is to minimize waste and maximize recycling to protect the environment.

How is it disposed
  1. Assessment: We start by assessing the scope of the house clearance project, including the type and quantity of items to be removed.

  2. Removal: Our experienced team efficiently removes the items from your property, ensuring minimal disruption to you.

  3. Sorting: Once removed, items are sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable categories for appropriate disposal.

  4. Disposal: Recyclable items are sent to recycling facilities, while non-recyclable items are disposed of responsibly, adhering to environmental regulations.

The Journey
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